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3Shape D2000

3Shape’s D2000 offers all-in-one scanning for maximum volume throughput. It captures upper and lower models, all inserted dies, and occlusion information in a single operation. Multiply your laboratory’s output with the D2000’s technology that allows for multiple scan lines in a single shot. The D2000 is the industry’s first scanner to offer all-in-one scanning and room for two models. The room for two models allows you to capture the upper and lower arches at the same time, as well as all inserted dies and occlusal information in a single scan.

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    • All-In-One Scans Save Time
    • Optimized Multi-Line Technology
    • Faster Case Throughput
    • Simultaneous scanning
    • RealColor Technology


    • Camera: 4 x 5 MP
    • Accuracy (ISO 12836): 5 μm
    • Scan Speed (Full Arch): 16 Seconds
    • Scan Speed (Full Arch Impression): 65 Seconds
    • Texture: Color
    • Scanning Strategy: Die-In-Model & All-In-One