Keystone has been providing innovative laboratory products for over 100 years. They carry a wide variety of 3D printer resins that fulfill all the needs of your lab.


KeyCast is compatible with rapid burnout and gradual temperature ramp workflows, with no residual ash. KeyCast is used with chrome, cobalt, gold, and silver.


KeyMask is a flexible yet firm gingival mask that simulates the look and feel of gum tissue. It can be easily trimmed to create a proper emergence profile or sculpted for proper pontic shape.


KeyGuide is ideal for fabricating transparent surgical guides, which enable the placement of implants at a precise angle and depth.


KeyOrthoModel is designed for high-speed and accurate prints. Perfect for thermoforming aligners and orthodontic devices.

KeySplint Soft™

KeySplint Soft is fully biocompatible, and is in compliance with international medical device regulations and standards. The robust formulation has two years of guaranteed shelf life, is color stable, and is validated in multiple open-source printers. No other dental splint resin can deliver the quality and performance of KeySplint Soft.

KeySplint Hard™

KeySplint Hard is a rigid dental splint used for the fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances such as splints, bite planes, mouthguards, nightguards, snoring appliances, retainers and repositioners.


KeyModel produces highly precise and accurate dental models. Its low shrinkage formulation makes it an ideal resin for crown, bridge, and implant models, orthodontic clear aligner models, and diagnostic modeling.