Milling Machines


Z4. Same-day dentistry. Unparalleled perfection.

The 4-axis milling machine for wet machining for restorations in mere minutes.

We developed the Z4 for same-day dentistry applications. Its futuristic housing and intuitive, easy-to-use operating controls conceal a high-precision milling and grinding machine that shares the “DNA” of the best laboratory machines.

4 Axes

0 Discs

1 Block

6 Tools

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    Highest precision

    • Milling and grinding in Ultra HD
    • Proven industrial quality
    • 3 μm repetition accuracy
    Fastest production
    • Restorations in under 10 minutes
    • 2-second block insertion
    • 100,000 rpm electrical high frequency spindle
    Highly economical
    • PUREWATER: no grinding additives except for titanium processing
    • Mill screw-access channels, to save costs for  “meso” blocks
    • Automatic changer for 6 tools
    • Self-opening working chamber door and drawer
    • Easy to learn, easy to operate
    • 24 months warranty
    • Very easy operation via DENTALCAM software with DIRECTMILL Technology – included in scope of delivery and without license fees
    • Tool starter set included
    Absolute independence
    • Around 40 block materials from a great variety of manufacturers
    • 800+ prefab titanium abutment blanks from various manufacturers
    • Validated with all established scanners and design software
    • Integrated workflows with TRIOS Design Studio (3Shape) and exocad ChairsideCAD*
    • Integrated touchscreen and Wi-Fi module
    • Built-in compressed air – no compressor needed

    * Material and indication availability may vary by CAD provider. Full range of indications and materials available in STL workflow.