Milling Machines

Implant Module

The Implant Module for exocad is best for designing custom abutments and screw-retained bridges. With exocad’s Implant Module, the design of custom abutments is easy and straightforward. The design of screw-retained bridges, crowns and copings also becomes an easy task. Custom abutments and suprastructure can be designed together in a single CAD session. Since milling parameters for both abutment and suprastructure are correctly considered during the design phase, optimal fitting is possible when producing all parts in one go – without the intermediate step of rescanning the produced abutment in order to design the suprastructure. It’s your choice whether you mill in-house or send out your files for production. A wide range of in-house milling systems is supported and leading production centers will accept files generated by exocad software.

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    • High Productivity and Process Reliability
    • Huge Selection of Implant Libraries
    • Requires a High-Accuracy 3D Scanner