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The N4+ is a wet processing machine for grinding glass ceramic, composite and zirconia blocks as well as titanium abutments. This machine combines the high precision and fast drives common to all vhf machines with a liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.

The N4+ is an efficient wet processing machine for grinding and milling glass ceramic, composite, and zircon blocks, as well as CoCr and titanium abutments. It impresses not only thanks to its high precision and fast drives, but also thanks to its ultra-compact housing with closed fluid circuit. Eight fine nozzles on the spindle direct the cooling liquid precisely onto the effective area between the tools and workpiece, delivering an optimal cooling effect.

The tool magazine can be inserted quickly and effortlessly in just one step. The automatic changer offers space for up to eight tools. The three compartment block holder is another highlight. That makes the N4+ the ideal partner for research and practice laboratories.

N4+ | vhf Inc.

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    • The essence of wet grinding
    • Tool changes in a flash
    • Outstanding precision
    • Closed fluid circuit
    • For a variety of indications