Milling Machines

Asiga Ultra

Active Layer Monitoring

Asiga’s pioneering Smart Positioning System (SPS™) achieves precise layer thickness control of each and every layer, ensuring optimal print accuracy and speed.

4K Imaging Resolution

The latest high resolution imaging chipset delivers extraordinary resolution over a large build envelope.

Auto-Calibrating UV LED

Combining the latest generation of high-power ultraviolet solid-state light sources with an integrated radiometer ensures years of consistent printing performance.

385nm LED as standard.

DLP Micromirror Technology

Achieve the highest standard of reliability with the broadest wavelength capability of any imaging technology.

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    Build Volume:

    192 x 108 x 147mm
    7.55 × 4.25 × 5.78 inches

    Pixel Size: 50µm

    Software Asiga Composer software. Lifetime updates included
    File Inputs STL, SLC, PLY, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)
    Network Compatibility Wifi, Wireless Direct, Ethernet
    Power Requirements 100-240VAC / 500Watts
    System Sizing 353 x 441 x 555mm | Weight 32.5Kg .. 13.9 x x 17.3 x 21.8 inches | Weight 71.5 Lbs
    Packed Sizing 485 × 615 × 799mm | Weight 44 Kg .. 19 × 24.21 × 31.45 inches | Weight 97 Lbs
    Warranty 12 months manufacturer’s warranty
    Technical Support Unlimited lifetime technical support included
    Bundle Includes 3D printer, Composer software, 1kg Asiga material, 2L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit