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3Shape E4

3Shape’s E4 scanner is their fastest and most accurate scanner yet. It can provide a full arch scan in just 9 seconds, so you can scan more cases in a shorter period of time. It offers ultra-high speed and accuracy. The E4 features all the benefits of the E1, E2, and E3, but with increased capabilities.

3Shape’s E4 scanner is part of Generation Red, their latest scanner line. The E4 has 20% faster speed. These Generation Red scanners are noticeable via their red ring and also feature 5 MP cameras that allow for unprecedented scan speeds and high accuracy.

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    • Optimal Detail Capture & Accuracy Through Blue LED & Multi-Line Scanning
    • Auto Start Scanning Begins Once Model Is Placed Inside
    • Amazing Scan Speeds
    • Reliable Impression Scanning Without the Need for Poured Models


    • Camera: 4 x 5 MP
    • Accuracy (ISO 12836): 4 μm
    • Scan Speed (Full Arch): 9 Seconds
    • Scan Speed (Full Arch Impression): 45 Seconds
    • Texture: Color
    • Scanning Strategy: Die-In-Model