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Dekema Austromat 664i

The AUSTROMAT 664i sintering furnace has the capacity to sinter up 20 single units or up to 6 unit bridges in one level while operating at temperatures up to 1560 °C.

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    • 4″ High Resolution Display
    • Capacitive multi-touch Panel
    • Soft Touch Lift Movement
    • Internet Database Connection
    • Software Update & Backup via Internet
    • Chairside Speed mode
    • Sinter, Glaze and Crystallize under Atmosphere
    • Space for up to six Unit Bridges or up to 20 Units in one Level (Ø 65mm)
    • Sinter up to 6 single units in 2:00 hours
    • High-Temperature Furnace up to 1560°C
    • 2 Non-contaminating SiC heating elements
    • Best in class user interface with remote operation
    • Patented Sintering Tray System
    • Sintering without Coverage
    • Optional Accessories to sinter in two Levels available
    • 220V power