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Aidite® Cameo Zirconia Fast

This sintering furnace works without any pollution. Available as both small and large furnaces. The large furnace is capable of sintering 70 teeth in 3.5 hours. The small furnace is capable of sintering 30 units in 2.5 hours.

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    • Without any pollution using SiC high-tech core heating components
    • Lifespan of the heating components is quite longer than ordinary ones
    • The material can be sintered directly without drying before
    • Easier to replace the heating components
    • Remarkable energy saving effect
    • Excellent sintering effect


    • Core Heating Component: Silicium Carbide/Corborundum
    • Sintering Time: 3.5h (L) 2.5 (S)
    • Number of Sintered Teeth: 70 (L) 30 (S)
    • Program Advantage: One-click setting; twenty sintering curves