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3Shape Splint Studio is the go-to solution for occlusal splints for the treatment of bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders. Designed for both practice and lab professionals, the easy to use software is integrated with a wide range of material and manufacturing options. And includes a built-in virtual articulator, direct integration to 3Shape TRIOS and 3Shape lab scanners, as well as support for STL-import to make designing and production more efficient and predictable. With 3Shape Splint Studio, you are in complete control over your workflow. You decide whether to produce designs in-house or send to your preferred production partner.

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    • By controlling the full workflow from design to milling or printing you can ensure perfection from beginning to end.
    • Fast and optimized tools enable you to design most of the occlusal splint types.
    • The splint design is automatically optimized for your selected manufacturing method.
    • With our open integrations, you are never limited to a certain workflow or manufacturer. You can choose to design and produce in-house or send to a lab.