Milling Machines

Imes CORiTEC® 350i

The CORiTEC 350i series is an innovative machine concept that meets all the requirements of the modern CAD/CAM process. The extremely stable construction enables the processing of all relevant materials in wet and dry machining. Optional with fully automatic 12-position blank changer, the system enables versatile machining in 24-hour operation. The zero-point clamping system offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applicatitions.

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    • Zero point clamping system* for precise repositioning of blanks and adapters
    • 20-fold tool changer
    • Optional Ionizer possible
    • Stable 6 mm shaft tools
    • CORiTEC 350i Loader with 12-fold blank changer
    • Using different adapters is possible, e.g. prefabricated abutments or block materials
    • Optimal price-performance ratio