Nowak Digital Division is proud to be a provider of Whip Mix® materials. With over 100 years of experience serving the dental industry, Whip Mix® is a company Nowak trusts for superior materials.

Vericore Wax

The Vericore Mill wax discs are specially formulated to provide exceptional detail for full contour and coping wax forms, but are rigid enough for long span bridge patterns that will not warp. It mills cleanly and adheres to most waxes for adjustments and spruing.

Life-Like Presentation Wax Disc

Whip Mix’s popular Life-Like Presentation Wax is now in milling disc form. This white, enamel-like wax makes a more esthetic case presentation for the patient. The hardness of the wax assures desirable carving properties and it is very easy to add and blend in molten wax. Its opacity is sufficient to hide colored die stones even with thin laminate veneer wax-ups, helps with the fabrication of processed temporary restorations and is scannable.