Nowak Digital Division is proud to offer a variety of zirconia materials from Aidite®

3D Pro Zir

 In the 3D Pro zir range, we use only 100% TOSO Hyttria-stabilized nano-zirconia powder, which is a medical grade of the finest quality raw material. Dental Technicians, Dentists, and their Patients all benefit from highly aesthetic restorations fabricated in 3D Pro zir.


Aizir represents Aidite’s most advanced R&D and production lever integrating several patented technologies in one disc, mean-while meeting the full range of indications. It has larger systematic processing. a wider sintering temperature range, and an increased stable three-dimensional gradient effect.

Aizir will uphold the vision of “making people healthier and more beautiful” and redefine all-ceramic prosthetic materials.

Honor Zir

SHT Plus White & Preshaded. 

Available in all 16 shades + 3 bleach shades.


Superfect Zir

Full Ceramic Restoration Material.

Superfect Zir products extend the Aidite zirconia production process for many years, so that it has excellent permeability and can meet the bending strength of 1000~1350Mpa. It can match the Aidite 16/26 color staining solution, and make the denture restoration with accurate color and good effect and customer satisfaction with simple operation. It is widely used in the field of denture restoration.