Nowak Digital Division is proud to offer the NexxZr line of zirconia from Sagemax®. This American-based dental manufacturer prioritizes quality and utilizes only the best raw materials when manufacturing their zirconia discs.


NexxZr S

This high-strength zirconia features a flexural strength of 1,370 MPa. It is ideal for single units to multi-unit bridges. In addition to its high strength, NexxZr S also has a high opacity value with 30% translucency.


NexxZr T

NexxZr T offers both high flexural strength of 1,270 MPa and medium translucency of 42%. Due to this cominbation, this zirconia offers a maximum variety of single-unit and multi-unit restorations.


NexxZr T Multi

NexxZr T Multi offers multifunctional esthetics for multiple indications. It features high flexural cervical strength of 1,170 MPa and incisal strength of 630 MPa. This zirconia is ideal for esthetic single-unit and multi-unit restorations as it offers a smooth color gradient and translucency.



This high translucent, esthetic zirconia is available in white or preshaded varieties. It features a high translucency of 46% and flexural strength of 1,000 MPa for the white shade and 880 MPa for the preshaded option.


NexxZr+ Multi

NexxZr+ Multi offers a natural color and translucency gradient. It also offers high flexural cervical strength of 880 MPa and incisal strength of 630 MPa. It is indicated for highly esthetic, monolithic single-tooth and anterior or posterior bridge restorations.