Nowak Digital Division is proud to offer a variety of Harvest materials.

TriLor 98

A high-performance techno-polymer matrix with multi-directional glass fiber reinforcement for permanent, esthetic restorations on implants. TriLor exhibits natural flex and load parameters, making it the ideal replacement for unforgiving metal and zirconia frameworks.

Temp Esthetic 98

Polychromatic layering and beautiful dentine transition, as light passes through, will no doubt garner, an emotional impression.

Poly Splint 98

The material’s unique composition is therapeutic – whether used as a seating template for guided surgery, or for the restoration of patient comfort as a bite splint.

Poly Cast 98

The market offers many of the same industrially sourced options, all of which share many of the same anomalies. Poly Cast was a composed, targeted development aimed at becoming the standard in machinable dental casting acrylics.

Poly Gum 98

Poly Gum brings to the category an authentic tissue base material for the fabrication of esthetic prosthetics. A strong, high impact polymer with beautiful coloration and nature vein simulation in three shades.