Nowak Digital Division is proud to offer a variety of Harvest materials.

Wax Press 98

Think of unity…compatibility. A perfect symbiosis between a strong and smoothly milled wax pattern, and a premium hand wax for harmonious post-milled adjustments.

Wax Press Esthetic 98

An inspired collaboration with Dr. Bob Winter of Spear, the vision was to see the digital wax category through a histo-anatomic lens. Enjoying all of the premium benefits of Wax Press, Esthetic carries with it some very unique and valuable attributes.

Purity Wax 98

Purity Wax offers the best of both worlds. Precisely mill, and then easily carve. Once the wax units are milled at 7,000 – 9,000 rpm, simply use your favorite waxing tools to melt, carve, shape and contour.